Advisory Services

David Kushner provides real-time, practical coaching to executives, managers and governing boards to help you be more effective within your organization. Together, we analyze how things get done, whether they get done, and how effectively. Internal politics present one of the major causes of difficulty that the Board and senior managers must deal with. It is possible to manage the politics of your organization and to use them to your advantage. Count on David to help guide you through the politics, and work with you to determine how best to manage the political situation to the benefit of your organization.Politics, however, is not the only reason for confidential coaching. It can be beneficial as well in the following ways:

  • As a transition tool for executives who may be leaving the organization
  • As a way to help a senior manager improve his/her performance or resolve internal conflicts
  • As a supportive device to help newly promoted management team members grow into their new roles
  • As a tool for conflict management and/or resolution

David has provided advice and coaching to:

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Executive Directors
  • Foundation Executive Directors
  • Directors of Philanthropy
  • Vice Presidents of Government Relations
  • Vice Presidents of Education
  • Directors of Finance
  • Directors and Managers of Human Resources and Administration
  • Directors of Knowledge Management and Information Technology

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