Limited-engagement Consulting from The Kushner Companies

Limited-engagement Consulting from The Kushner Companies

For more than 35 years, I’ve been helping dynamic leaders take their organizations to the next level. I’m proud to have become a go-to expert when it comes to organizational restructures, governance changes, mergers and alliances, succession planning, and other key leadership issues. I’ve led major restructures, I know the ins and outs of bylaws, and I have brought several organizations to the table for conversations about how to lead two entities through a merger or acquisition.

But not every organization is ready to embark on a significant project. For every organization that has needed me to help guide them through a long-term, complex project there is another organization that has just a few critical questions and wishes they had an organizational expert on speed-dial. Now they do.

If you need access to high-level advice but don’t have the time or budget for a large engagement, you’re not alone. Many organizations are considering important changes (even before they begin drafting an RFP) but don’t know where to start. They need access to an expert for a few hours, or a few days, to point them in the right direction, but either don’t have the need or the budget to retain a consultant. That’s why The Kushner Companies offers limited-engagement consulting.

Limited-engagement consulting is perfect for organizations that are thinking about:

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Mergers, acquisitions or alliances
  • Governance changes
  • Bylaws revisions
  • Succession planning

Limited-engagement consulting can be ideal at the initial exploration stages of an organizational change, and is also valuable to clients who have just completed a project and need advice on how to tweak, optimize or fully leverage the work they have already done.

I have decades of organizational consulting and expertise, and I’m just a phone call away at 301-656-0797. Contact me today to learn about flat-fee, limited-engagement consulting. No long-term contracts or RFP processes ― just great advice in an “on-demand” consulting model.

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